Crownest Club Myrtle Place

Starting in September 2018 the Crownest Afterschool Club including our school pick up service. Please ring for further details.

The Holiday Care Scheme for reception class to year 7


The Crownest Club is held at the Myrtle Place Nursery. The club has its own entrance, there is a plan of activities and outings arranged for each holiday and caters for the variety of Interests that this age group needs. We have access to Myrtle Park everyday and pubilc transport is on our doorstep. You can book as many or as few days  as you require, your child can attend as many or as few holidays as needed!

The Facilities


In our brand new classroom we have lots of space for  activities  such as  board games, drawing, baking, arts and crafts, construction, role play, table tennis table, football table and children are able to listen to music. There is `TV' area, this has a television with games systems - the games your child can access are sports, dance, singing, art, action - no violent games allowed. This is where films could be shown with activities to follow during the day, linked to the nominated fllm they have watched. This will be listed on the activity planner, which you can access on line before booking the required sessions. This is also an area where small groups can go to read, listen to music etc. Watching television all day will not be an option... there will be far too much to do! There is a section where your child can go to have breakfast, snacks and tea. Outdoor we have access to the outside play areas and also Myrtle Park.


The Meals 

We will proved breakfast, morning snack, afternoon snack, and tea, we just require you to provide a packed lunch. This

is so that we can go out to the park or on trips and know we dont have to go back for Nursery lunch, giving us more

freedom. There will be a light tea provided each day something hot for the children to enjoy.

Our Ethos 

The staffing levels wlll keep to the nursery ethos of high qualifications and over the national minimum ratio

requirements. The club will provide an atmosphere of having fun whilst keeping clear and consistent boundaries, the

children will work together to create rules and maintain respect for each other.


Whilst we will access the park on a daily basis, there will be planned trips, most of which will not incur additional costs

to parents; these will be included in the daily price. There may be exceptional cases when the trip is such that it

requires a supplementary payment, however these will be clearly listed on the activity planner.


You can book from as far in advance as you would like, right up to the day of attendance. However it is on a first come

flrst served basis and once staffing levels have been set, lt may be more difficult to book in. Once you have booked in

you will be charged, you can cancel the session with 14 days notice and the charge will be removed. lt must be done in

writing and must adhere to the 14 day notice period.

We accept cash, cheque and vouchers and payment is required prior to the session. if you are paying by cash you can

do so at the beginning of your first session of the week. 


Additional Information
We ask that you ensure your child comes in suitable clothing for the activities listed and that they have sufficient

outdoor clothing to make the most of the nearby park in all weathers.