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Are you looking for great childcare in Bingley?

We are a registered Private  Nursery  in Bingley West Yorkshire, for children aged 3 months to 5 years. We were established in January 1996 

We are open from 7.30am until 6pm Monday to Friday, 

We operate full or part-time care,all year round or term time 

Our web site shows an outline of the Nursery, however to obtain a complete picture,meet the staff and view the nursery in action, we invite you to come and see for yourself the high standards of child care we offer. 

NB:We are still doing show rounds but due to COVID safety measures we can only do this once nursery is closed. 

  Opening Times

 ( 7.30 am till 8 am are always available too)
Morning Session 8.00am - 1pm
Afternoon session 1pm - 6pm
Morning session ls inclusive of breakfast and lunch
Afternoon session inclusive of snack and  tea

We also have sessions for children attending nursery on 2,3 and 4 year old funding.  We also offer term time only sessions and school hours too.  For details on any session ring or email us for full details.


High Standards 

We are very proud of our team at Wishing Well.  Our  staff have a wealth of experience  in childcare so giving you the reassurance your child is in a safe and welcoming atmosphere and your child the comfort they need to be able to enjoy their time spent with us.  Are Manners important to you? Us too that is why we promote good manners,including table manners  and staff are role models for the children. The children come first in all we do and we want to continue your great care.

 All our staff have  Pediatric First Aid qualifications especially for 0-7 year olds and also have  a basic food hygiene qualification. On starting your dedicated key worker will spend time getting to know you so we can get to know your child and give the care you want us too.  

As the nursery provides food we have full time catering staff to enable us to provide fresh food daily and cater for special dietary needs if required in our 5 star rated kitchen from Environmental health.


Fabulous nursery cooked food

Our menus are changed seasonally and we offer a large variety of  nursery cooked  foods.

We are able to cater for most dietary requirements as we make the meals at nursery and cook from scratch.  The team creates wonderful breakfasts,snacks and teas for the children. We also do cookery sessions with the older children too.

Below is printed  only a sample menu of lunches and teas, to give an idea of the menu we provide from firm favourites to perhaps something new to try. 

  Snack Lunch Tea


Fresh fruit


Toasted current teacake

Haddock in parsley sauce with new

potatoes and broccoli

Apple and blackberry crumble with custard

Pitta bread pockets

served with grated cheese

and carrots, lettuce, peppers 

and onion



Cheese scones


Fresh fruit

Pasta spirals in a medlterranean

vegetable tomato sauce with


Homemade raspberry ripple ice


Tuna Slice with mixed Vegetables


Fresh fruit


Vegetable platter with dips

Chicken curry with rice 

Oat Cake and apple slices

Beef stew with Yorkshire puddings




Fresh fruit

Shepherds pie with cabbage and

cut green beans

Banana with custard

Homemade tomato soup with

sliced bread


Fresh fruit


Toast with a choice of


Cheese and Broccoli Pasta bake

Nursery  Rasberry mousse 

Baked beans on toast




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