High Standards 

Our team comprises of qualified staff of various levels from level 2 up to 5. We have staff who have extra qualifications and specialise in areas such as development, behaviour and safeguarding. Our  staff have a wealth of experience  in childcare .

The senior management team alone at Myrtle place have a combined total of 80 years’ qualified experience in childcare.


All our staff have  Paediatric First Aid qualifications especially for 0-7 year olds and also have  a basic food hygiene qualification.  

We encourage staff to continue their training on various courses and feed  back to the other

staff.We have officers for safe guarding children, special needs and the foundation stage.

As the nursery provides food we have full time catering staff to enable us to provide fresh food daily

and cater for special dietary needs if required.



Our menus are changed seasonally. We have a comprehensive nutrition policy and food management policy.

We use  local butcher, greengrocers and fish monger to supply fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and fish, this is to ensure we know the food is top quality.

We are able to cater for most dietary requirements 

We cater for our babies by pureeing suitable foods and working closely with parents on developing their baby's diet.

The children are able to access water throughout the day, and on option of milk or fresh fruit juice at breakfast. 

Below is printed a sample menu of lunches and teas, to give an idea of the menu we provide.

  Snack Lunch Tea
Day 1


Fresh fruit


Toasted current teacake

Haddock in parsley sauce with new

potatoes and broccoli

Treacle sponge with custard

Pitta bread pockets

served with grated cheese

and carrots, lettuce, peppers 

and onion

Day 2 


Cheese scones


Fresh fruit

Pasta spirals in a medlterranean

vegetable tomato sauce with


Homemade raspberry ripple ice


Sausage with roasted parsnips
Day 3


Fresh fruit


Vegetable platter with dips

Chicken curry with rice 

Fromage frais

Beef stew with Yorkshire puddings
Day 4




Fresh fruit

Shepherds pie with cabbage and

cut green beans

Banana with custard

Homemade tomato soup with

sliced bread

Day 5


Fresh fruit


Toast with a choice of


Quiche with carrots and swede

with cheese sauce

Blackcurrent mousse

Baked beans on toast

All foods are cooked freshly from scratch In the nurseries. Children also help make bread, scones etc. for snacks.



We  promote politeness and good manners. Staff eat with the children to promote good  table manners. Also we encourage an awareness of the community in which they come from and respect  for others and their  things.